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Manitowoc Crane Group uses Lifton's Pads and Crane Mats at ConExpo shows.

Lifton's Pads on display at 2002 ConExpo


"The high quality pads work great in the field and on our show stand - which is why Manitowoc has chosen Lifton's pads for over 11 years now."

Doyal Bryant - Director, Product Marketing


Outrigger pads and crane mats manufactured by Lifton's Inc. of New Richmond, WI, were on display for the exhibits of both Grove Worldwide and National Crane at the CONEXPO in Las Vegas, Nev.

Lifton outrigger pads and mats supply strength and economy to users of heavy cranes. The 4.25-inch thick pads work well additionally as the capping piece on top of other cribbing.

Lifton's can supply square pads from 20 inches up to 36 inches and 12-sided pads from 30 inches up to and including 60 inches. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

Lifton's Outrigger Pads
The outrigger pads are made using a birch multi-laminate plywood. The pads are made using waterproof glue and pressed in 30 ton presses. The pads are further secured with lag screws that penetrates the pad from both sides. The pads are also fortified with Premium Water Sealer and are easily shipped.


All prices are subject to change. FOB New Richmond, WI 54017
Because we have no control over how pads will be used, no warranty is made.
Please assess applicability for your use.

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