Lifton's Inc. - Manufacturing Outrigger Pads for Utility Trucks and vehicles
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Lifton's Inc. - Manufacturing Outrigger Pads for Utility Trucks and vehicles

Outrigger Pads

Lifton's Inc., located in New Richmond, WI. has been manufacturing outrigger pads for over 25 years.

The pads are made from multi-layer birch plywood. A 2.75" thick pad has over 52 layers.

Pads are glued up in large hydraulic presses, using catalyzed water proof glue. Depending on the style of pad, plated screws, 3/8" lag screws, or through bolts are used.

Each pad is then deep soaked in Premium Water Sealer.

Our pads are used as OEM by many manufacturers including Altec Industries, Baker, Fischer, MAT-3, Atlas Polar, and more.

Custom sizes, thicknesses, handles, etc. are also available upon request.

Bob Lifton
We deep soak our pads and mats in Premium Water Sealer!

What size do you need?

To calculate the best size pad for your crane, obtain the square inches of the outrigger foot by multiplying the length x width x 3 (in inches).

Length 24.25 x Width 24.25 = Square Inches 588 x 3 = 1764 Pad Size (Sq. Inch)

Industry Safety Standards suggest that the outrigger pad should be at least 3 times the size of the outrigger foot for proper support.

Square Pads*
Pad Size Square Inches
18" x 18" 324
20" x 20" 400
24" x 24" 576
30" x 30" 900
36" x 36" 1296
42" x 42" 1764
12 Sided Pads*
Pad Size Square Inches
30" 728
36" 1048
42" 1427
48" 1864
54" 2359
60" 2912

Suggested Thicknesses
for Different Uses
Per Pad, Suggested Weight Use

2" Thick Pad..............Up to 20 Tons
2.75" Thick Pad..........Up to 35 Tons
3.5" Thick Pads..........Up to 60 Tons
4.25" Thick Pads.........Up to 85 Tons
Round Pads*
Pad Size Square Inches
36" 1018
42" 1385
48" 1810
54" 2290
60" 2827

Lifton's Inc. only offers these weights as suggestions, since we do not know exactly how the pads will be used. There are large differences between using a pad on asphalt or sand. We can only make general suggestions.



Please make sure you are ordering the right size for your job. We do not accept returns. All pads are made to the individual order. It is our experience that by the time the pads have shipped to you and come back to us, they are dirty from the semi. We are unable to resell them as new. If you have questions, please call 866 439-7208 for assistance in sizing. Thank you.

All prices are subject to change. FOB New Richmond, WI 54017
Because we have no control over how pads will be used, no warranty is made.
Please assess applicability for your use.
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