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How Strong Are They?

In a purely unscientific test, a 2.75" thick 24" x 24" pad was put into a test frame. The pad was supported for 3.5" of two sides, leaving the center (71%) unsupported. A 14" steel plate was placed on the pad. The pad was able to sustain, without any damage, 50 tons of pressure. (See diagram)

Incredible Strength Diagram

Keep in mind that no outrigger pad or crane mat can give a total assurance of safety. Additional cribbing must be used at times, even on flat asphalt surfaces. If the foot of the outrigger is small, a smaller pad should be used on top of the larger pad to spread the weight load.

How Thick Are They?
Thickness Diagram


All prices are subject to change. FOB New Richmond, WI 54017
Because we have no control over how pads will be used, no warranty is made.
Please assess applicability for your use.


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