Owner and CEO of Lifton's Inc.

Our pads are custom built in the U.S.A.

Lifton's Inc. is located in New Richmond, WI and has been making outrigger pads for over 29 years! 

Statement from the Owner:

I am very proud of our products.  The pads and mats are strong, manufactured with care and proven in the field for over 29 years.

Lifton pads are in almost every state including Hawaii and Alaska.  They are also used in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Nigeria.

We appreciate our customers!

Thank You!

Bob Lifton, C.E.O.


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About our Pads

The pads are made from multi-layer birch plywood, a 2.75" thick pad has over 52 layers.

Pads are glued up in large hydraulic presses, using catalyzed water proof glue. 

Depending on the style of pad, plated screws, 3/8" lag screws, or through bolts are used.

Each pad is then deep soaked in Premium Water Sealer.

Our pads are used as OEM by many manufacturers.

Custom sizes and thicknesses are also available upon request.

What Size Do You Need?

To calculate the best size pad for your crane, obtain the square inches of the outrigger foot by multiplying the length x width x 3 (in inches).

Length 24.25 x Width 24.25 = Square Inches 588 x 3 = 1764 Pad Size (Sq. Inch) 

Industry Safety Standards suggest that the outrigger pad should be at least 3 times the size of the outrigger foot for proper support. 

If you would like us to calculate the size for you click the more tab at the top of the page.

size chart for outrigger pads

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Liftons Inc

1037 WI-64, New Richmond, WI, USA

(866) 439-7208




Office:   8:30 am - 2:00 pm

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