About Our Wood Outrigger Pads

The outrigger pads are made from multi-layer birch plywood, a 2.75" thick pad has over 52 layers.

Pads are glued up in large hydraulic presses, using catalyzed water proof glue. 

Depending on the style of pad, plated screws, 3/8" lag screws, or through bolts are used.

Each outrigger pad is then deep soaked in Premium Water Sealer.

Our pads are used as OEM by many manufacturers.

Custom sizes, thicknesses, handles, etc. are also available upon request.

Incredible Strength

Example of pressure

How Strong Are They?

In a purely unscientific test, a 2.75" thick 24" x 24" outrigger pad was put into a test frame. The pad was supported for 3.5" of two sides, leaving the center (71%) unsupported. A 14" steel plate was placed on the pad. The outrigger pad was able to sustain, without any damage, 50 tons of pressure. (See diagram) 

Keep in mind that no outrigger pad or crane mat can give a total assurance of safety. Additional cribbing must be used at times, even on flat asphalt surfaces. If the foot of the outrigger is small, a smaller pad should be used on top of the larger pad to spread the weight load. 

Lifton's wood outrigger pads and mats supply strength and economy to users of heavy cranes. The 4.25-inch thick pads work well additionally as the capping piece on top of other cribbing.

Lifton's can supply square, round and 12-sided pads.  Square pads from 12" to 60".  Round and 12-sided pads from 24" to 60".  Custom sizes are also available upon request.

The outrigger pads are made using a birch multi-laminate plywood. The pads are made using waterproof glue and pressed in 30 ton presses. The pads are further secured with lag screws that penetrates the pad from both sides. These landing pads are also fortified with Premium Water Sealer and are easily shipped. 

Wooden outrigger pads in the dirt
Wooden outrigger pads in the dirt


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